Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clara Bow

This is a quick and dirty. I just got the new Sephora Makeup Studio Blockbuster. It's one of those value setas that have a million eye shadows and lip glosses, all for one low, low price ($50 in this case).

My only comments so far about the kit is that although the colors have good pigmentation, the colors are off- meaning, I see a rich jewel purple eye shadow, but when it goes on my face it turns to a dark dusty purple- way different from how it looks in the pot. Oh well, you get what you pay for. Young Jedi has a lot to learn.

I totally wanted to try a 20s look with a gothic twist. So I thought I'd try the glue stick trick to cover up my brows and get that pencil thin Clara Bow look. It failed. It turned into a horrible lumpy mess. Btw, if anyone knows how to cover up bushy eyebrows, please share. The lips were a bit tough also. Clara Bow lips are super small with an adorable cupid's bow shape. Since I have very full dark lips, trying to create the illusion was tricky (also a fail). Overall, it looked ok, but I didn't quite get the effect I was looking for. Maybe it's the shape & features of my face that don't lend itself to the look, maybe it's my technique. I'm guessing both, but I'll keep trying :)

Here's what I was going for:

Aaaand here's what I got:

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